Web3 Foundation is collaborating with the researchers, developers, and enthusiasts to build a user-friendly and fully decentralized web.

Collaborating with Teams Across the Globe.

Web3 Foundation collaborates with Universities, Community Partners, and Technology Developers around the world. The goal of our collaborations are to improve the design of technologies we support and increase the adoption of Web3 technologies.

Web3 Summit is an IRL platform for the community to come together

What Exactly is Web 3?

Juan Benet

Juan Benet, Founder & CEO of Protocol Labs, talks about what Web3 is and how it is a part of a larger movement going on in the Internet in which humanity is going from a pre-computing civilization to a post-computing civilization.

The Journey to Web 3

Gavin Wood

Web3 Foundation Founder Gavin Wood discusses the ethos and vision behind Web3 and proposes the Web3 Technology Stack as a way to measure our progress.

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