In support of our mission, the Web3 Foundation grants program funds software development and research in the field of decentralized software protocols.

Grants recipients

Development projects funded through our grants program are broad in scope and include low-level infrastructure development such as alternative client implementations; ecosystem components such as wallets; and software designed to enable direct use cases such as identity and supply-chain modules.

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Grants Program

Our Grants Program offers recurring grants for public applications, which are tracked transparently on Github and disbursed in cryptocurrencies. Exceptions to these requirements and higher funding are also possible.


Software Development

Web3 Foundation funds development work driving advancement and adoption of decentralized software protocols. We support projects that make it easier for developers to build useful applications using these protocols.

We are particularly interested in funding projects that build out layers of the Polkadot Stack.


Web3 Foundation funds research projects that advance and explore protocols in the Web 3.0 Technology Stack.

We are particularly interested in the following areas:

  • Benchmarking
  • New primitives: Technical/Economical
  • Analysis of existing protocols and implementations
  • Security testing