WEB3 is the vision of
the serverless internet,
the decentralised web.

An internet where users are in control of
their own data, identity and destiny.

The Web3 Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols, particularly those which utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard decentralization, to the benefit and for the stability of the Web3 ecosystem.




Polkadot is a protocol that allows independent blockchains to exchange information.

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Web3 Summit

A 3-day gathering for the researchers and developers building a the decentralised web. Hosted 22-24 October in Berlin, Germany.

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Web3 Technology Stack

A visual framework of the protocols that enable a decentralised web. This resource includes examples of the teams and projects building Web3 protocols. 

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Gavin Wood demos Substrate at Web3 Summit

Gavin Wood presents Substrate, a blockchain in-a-box + VM for building blockchains easily, and codes a blockchain in 30 minutes, instead of days or weeks.

Polkadot Governance Presentation at EdCon

Gavin Wood presents Polkadot’s governance structure and demos a live on-chain vote at EdCon Toronto. 

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Polkadot Runtime Environment Presentation at Event Horizon

Overview of Polkadot’s Runtime Environment (PRE). The first implementation is called Parity Substrate. View grant opportunities for developing additional PREs.

Polkadot's Founder Gavin Wood interviewed on Bloomberg

Gavin Wood discusses Polkadot on Bloomberg. Gavin Wood was the first CTO and Co-founder of Ethereum and he is the current President of the Web3 Foundation.

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WEB3 - The next evolution of the Internet

Dr. Gavin Wood explains the concept of Web 3.0 and the need for decentralisation.

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Polkadot Presentation at Ethereum Meetup

Dr. Gavin Wood gives a high level look at the Polkadot protocol at the Ethereum Meetup in London

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Foundation council


Dr. Gavin Wood

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Vice president

Dr. Aeron Buchanan

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Exec. Director

Peter Czaban

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Reto Trinkler

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Ryan Zurrer

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Learn how you can contribute to Polkadot and protocols that comprise the Web3 tech stack. Intended for developers and non-developers alike.

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Web3 envisions a future where users are in control over their own data, identity and destiny. Our projects are open source and our community is inclusive. Apply below if you're interested in making the vision of Web3 a reality

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