Consider Web3 to be an executable Magna Carta — “the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

Web3 is an inclusive set of protocols to provide building blocks for application makers. They take the place of traditional web technologies… but present a whole new way of creating applications.

Web3 will engender a new global digital economy, creating new business models and markets, busting platform monopolies and giving rise to vast levels of bottom-up innovation.

The Web3 Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols, particularly those which utilize modern cryptographic methods to safeguard decentralization, to the benefit and for the stability of the Web3 ecosystem.

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Grants Program

Grants are a core part of our commitment to facilitating the Web3 ecosystem. We offer Ethereum grants through the ECF and Polkadot and Substrate grants directly through our grants program. We invite the global Web3 community of developers, researchers and enthusiasts to apply.

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Technical Grants

Web3 is an inclusive set of protocols that provides building blocks for makers of decentralized applications. We fund development work which furthers the improvement and adoption of these protocols, makes it easier for developers to build useful applications using them and makes it easier for users to access these applications.


Community Engagement Grants

Efforts to increase general awareness of Web3 and Polkadot are a top priority for the Foundation. We are committed to supporting organizations that promote our vision. We are interested in supporting strategies that promote community engagement. This statement is purposefully vague as we wish to be open to applications that promote community engagement in creative ways.



Our industry driving research team tackles the most difficult research problems standing between us and Web3. Read our papers and join the discussion around decentralised algorithms, cryptography and networking.

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Web3 Foundation supports a diverse set of protocols that comprise the Web3 tech stack, including networking (Libp2p), standards (Web Assembly) and messaging. We are the founding organization behind a few of these protocols, including a privacy-preserving messaging protocol and blockchain interoperability protocol.

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