Web3 Foundation Joins Cross-Chain Group

12 March 2020 – Zug, Switzerland and San Francisco, CA — Web3 Foundation is joining the Cross-Chain Group as an initial steering committee member. Cross-Chain Group (CCG) is a developer-focused working group dedicated to furthering the research, design, and implementation of cross-chain architecture throughout the blockchain ecosystem. 

Members of the CCG contribute research, design and implementation capabilities of technologies that benefit the blockchain ecosystem. As part of its involvement, Web3 Foundation will help oversee strategy for CCG initiatives. 

Why Cross-Chain Collaboration? 

Web3 Foundation was created to deliver on the promise of Web 3.0, a decentralized and fair internet where users control their own data, identity and money. To do this we’ve specified a number of cryptographic protocols that must be built for user-facing, mainstream applications to take hold. 

The major ecosystem and Layer 1 projects in the blockchain industry face similar technical problems. Each of these ecosystems has a different approach to solving these problems and a separate pool of capital it draws from. Often, this results in competing approaches to solve the same problem and incompatibility across ecosystems.

It is Web3 Foundation’s hope that all ecosystems and groups can join together to pool resources and tackle the biggest obstacles separating us from the vision of Web 3.0. “We are pleased to support CCG’s efforts to catalyze the development of the cross-chain technologies, create network effects for cross-chain applications, and lower the barriers to build economically powerful and autonomous software and markets.” – Jack Platts, Head of Collaborations 

About Web3 Foundation 

Web3 Foundation funds research and development teams building the stack of technologies that form the basis of the decentralized web. It was established in Zug, Switzerland by Ethereum co-founder and former chief technology officer Dr. Gavin Wood. Polkadot is the flagship protocol of Web3 Foundation. For more information, visit 

About CCG 

CCG is a grassroots organization that enables multilateral coordination between individuals and companies at the forefront of blockchain engineering. CCG was founded in 2019 by Summa and Keep and provides non-partisan stewardship for technical projects and standards, promoting the adoption of cross-chain technologies, and fostering the development of standards processes. CCG aims to make cross-chain development the default for new projects. If you’re working on interoperability solutions, or are interested in furthering their development, please consider applying for membership in CCG at Or join the conversation at CCG Telegram Group. 

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